Trusted Ruijie Network Distributor in UAE

Wireless AP

Ruijie Networks set up an independent wireless product department in 2002 as a mark to step into the WLAN market starting from 2000. Ruijie strives to be the industry-leading scenario-oriented Wi-Fi solution provider with great capacities in depriving the business world of any network problems, and earns the top place in the market share powered by the unsurpassed and robust products. Ruijie crafts the best Wi-Fi deployment across the scenarios of high education, general education, medical services, government, transportation, commerce and hotels, and thrives to bring smart living to the general Wi-Fi users in this interconnected world.


Wi-Fi 4 Single-band
Indoor AP

2.4 GHz 2X2 MIMO
300 Mbps 128 Clients

Wi-Fi 5 Dual-band
Indoor AP

Dual Band 2X2 MIMO
1167 Mbps 256 Clients

Wi-Fi 5 Wave2 Dual band
Indoor AP

Dual Band 2X2 MIMO
1267 Mbps 256 Clients

Wi-Fi 6 Selectable
Dual-band Indoor AP

Dual Band 4 Stream
2.4 Gbps 1024 Clients

Wi-Fi 6 Dual-band
Wall AP(IoT)

Dual Band 5 GE Ports
1774 Mbps Light Cover

Wi-Fi 5 Outdoor
Directional AP

Int. Dir. Antenna Dual Band
1 GE RJ45 + 1 SFP IP68

Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor
Directional AP

Dual Band Int. Dir. Antenna
IP68 1 GE RJ45 + 1 SFP