Enterprise Data Protection With Veritas

Veritas DLO Backup

Desktop and Laptop Option
Automated endpoint data protection for Windows and Mac.

Veritas™ Desktop and Laptop Option is a user centric backup solution that provides flexible implementation and centralized administration for endpoint data protection of Windows and Mac desktops and laptops in the organization. This highly scalable standalone solution offers distributable components making it suitable for environments of any scale, be it single-site, multi-site, or having remote offices, allowing you to protect even the most recent files in the endpoints.

Featured highlights
  • Protect endpoints automatically regardless of the connected network without any user intervention.
  • Backup instantaneously with RPO of seconds including support for work-in-progress documents.
  • Customize backup configurations for a fail-safe plan against ransomware threats.
  • Empower end users in the organization with self-restore capabilities.
Protect endpoints from ransomware threats

Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option offers highly customizable backup configurations to tailor fit backup policy for ransomware protection.

  • Customize backup configuration with multiple backup modes and revision policies for ransomware protection
  • Configure ‘Rollback Window’ for maintaining day-wise revisions for revival from ransomware
  • Use ‘Rollback Restore’ for point-in-time restore of the backed up files