Endpoints, Email, Data and Threat Prevention Management Solutions

Endpoint Protection Solutions

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a security solution that protects desktops, laptops, and servers throughout your network against malware, viruses, and other risks and vulnerabilities. Not only does Symantec Endpoint Protection offer virus protection, but it also offers advanced threat detection to proactively safeguard your devices from worms and a variety of other malware.

Prevent Attacks

Prevent malware, exploits, fileless attacks, and network connection based threats across all devices and operating systems.

Reduce Attack Surface

Allow, Block or Isolate Applications and removable devices to reduce your attack surface and remediate vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems.

Prevent Breaches

Prevent botnet connections and lateral movement with host-based intrusion prevention, firewall, active directory security and automated contextual policies.

Remediate and Respond to Advanced Threats

Detect, investigate advanced threats and incidents and respond rapidly with remediation actions, and leverage help of expert investigators.

Additional features

Symantec Endpoint Protection delivers several security layers in addition to malware prevention. These are some highlights.

Device Control:

SEP blocks threats attempting to sneak in via devices connected to the endpoint, such as USB drives.


SEP provides a deception tool that presents decoys for cyberattacks to target. This helps your IT team to safely identify an intrusion.

Attack surface reduction:

SEP reduces your exposure to threats in multiple ways. It isolates privileged applications in castles so no attacks can get at them. SEP looks at your Windows Active Directory configuration to suggest security improvements, and vulnerability assessments determine if you have old versions of software requiring updates.

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