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Stormshield Endpoint Security

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution combines the abilities of innovative EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) protection and an EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) solution into one single security solution.

  • Context-sensitive protection

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution reacts automatically to its environment. This unique ability to adapt means that when the situation changes, immediate action is taken to harden the level of protection.

  • An enhanced software solution

The secure micro services architecture of Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution guarantees the robustness of its solution with a self-protection and self-repair mechanisms.

  • Proactive protection for workstations

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution delivers new-generation cybersecurity with the ability to ensure complete protection for terminals and servers. The solution combines endpoint prevention (EPP) and detection (EDR) functions to proactively block the most sophisticated attacks and provide information for subsequent analysis.

  • A context-based approach to security

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution merges behavioural protection and device control to adapt the level of protection to the environment of the workstation it is protecting. The level of risk created by the surrounding environment varies depending on whether you are on the move or at company premises. The dynamic adaptability of the security policy ensures an optimal level of protection.

  • Enhanced software architecture

Designed and developed according to defensive software programming rules based on a secure micro-services architecture, Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution’s highly rugged agent enhances the resilience of the protection system of your workstations.