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MailStore SPE

MailStore Service Provider Edition

Start Providing Email Archiving as a Service

You can now provide your customers with modern email archiving as a service thanks to the MailStore Service Provider Edition, thereby adding another key component to your email service portfolio. The MailStore Service Provider Edition is delivered as a software solution; you can run it per your own individual requirements on your own servers.

Extensive scripting and branding options make it possible to integrate the MailStore SPE into the existing range of products and the existing infrastructure and allow you to make the most of the solutions’ potential for increasing sales and customer retention.

Five Reasons for Service Providers

1. Additional Revenue

Generate additional and long-term revenue. If desired, you can also integrate accompanying services such as consulting and setup into your service portfolio.

2. Simple Cross-Selling

Simply and effectively offer your archiving service to existing and new customers as a cross-selling proposition for existing email services.

3. Outpace the Competition

Not all service providers offer email archiving as a managed service. Fill this gap in the market – don’t wait for another provider to do it!

4. Acquire New Customers

Many companies are actively looking for a solution that can help them to meet legal requirements to archive their emails and help fulfill compliance requirements. Tap into this potential.

5. Increase Customer Retention

By offering several managed services around email, you could achieve a high level of long-term customer retention.

Why MailStore SPE?

Maintain Control

You operate the MailStore SPE yourself on your own IT infrastructure. This way, you maintain control over the solution and your customers

Versatile Technology

The MailStore SPE supports virtually all email systems and archiving and access methods. This way, you can implement various application scenarios and serve virtually all types of small and medium-sized businesses

Scripting options also make it possible to integrate the MailStore SPE into your own IT infrastructure

For Small and Large Numbers of Customers

Providers with a low number of customers/users can operate the MailStore SPE in an easy-to-use single server mode

The MailStore SPE is freely scalable to any number of customers in multi-server mode (it is possible to simply switch between the modes at any time).