What Is Wifi 6 ?

Wifi 6 refers to the latest generation of wireless technology, also known as 802.11ax. Another name for this new standard is High Efficiency Wifi.

The Ransomware Threat in 2021

New research from Symantec finds that organizations face an unprecedented level of danger from targeted ransomware attacks as the number of adversaries multiply alongside an increased sophistication in tactics.

PayPal fraud: What merchants should know

With a total payment volume of US$247 billion, PayPal remains one of the more popular online payment providers among major brands and a variety of smaller businesses and vendors. Indeed, the payment giant boasts 28 million registered merchants on its platform.

What is Managed WIFI ?

Managed WiFi is a wireless network solution that enables a business to outsource many or all of the tasks required to provide seamless access and strong connection to a WiFi network.

Building A Truly Unified Endpoint Data Platform

There are a lot of endpoint security solutions on the market. How do you pick and choose which solution is right for you? The answer may depend on which endpoints you want to protect. Windows? MacOS? Linux? All of the above? What about containers and cloud infrastructure?

What is Wi-Fi roaming?

Cisco first introduced OpenRoaming in 2019 then Aruba announced their version, Air Pass, in March of 2020. Cisco followed this up by gifting OpenRoaming to Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) with the intention of creating an open platform to fuel industry adoption.